Education at Gregory Hills

Education at Gregory Hills
Education in Gregory Hills

Education is an important part of Gregory Hills, both past and present. The land on which our community resides, was once the grounds of one of the region’s great educational institutions. 

As the broader South-West Sydney region has grown, the options and avenues for education have blossomed with pre-school, primary, secondary, tertiary and vocational opportunities.


From a young age, children are hungry for knowledge, soaking up all the wonders around them. From essential social skills to develop friendships, to basic spelling and creative expression, the early years are incredibly important for overall development.

Great Beginnings is an early childhood learning centre located in the heart of Gregory Hills that offers little ones a natural environment to explore, play and discover. On top of this, there is a pre-school curriculum to prepare youngsters for the all-important first year of primary school. 

Another option for children under the age of 5, is Exceed Early Education and Care. With a range of day care and early learning options combined with a sports and exercise curriculum, Exceed is a great place for your children to begin their educational journey.

Lastly, Jenny’s Kindergarten also located in Gregory Hills, provides long day care as well as before and after school care. Jenny’s is ideally located to serve residents working in the adjoining Central Hills Business Park.


Primary School is a huge thing for kids. It’s a big step up in the world and all of a sudden they are exposed to kids of varying ages, along with all the trials and tribulations of the schoolyard. But fret not, the primary schools available to families of Gregory Hills are among the best in the area.

Gregory Hills Primary School was just announced in the 2018 NSW Budget. Planning work is now underway on this school, which will be located in the heart of Gregory Hills, right next to Gregory Hills Town Centre.

St. Gregory’s College Junior School is located in Gregory Hills and is a newly created co-ed facility that aims to deliver exceptional educational programs for Years K-6. The focus of the curriculum is to create rich, challenging and rewarding learning experiences for growing children to prepare them for a rapidly changing world.

Oran Park Public School opened in 2014 and has since been delivering stellar education to kids of the local area. Such has been the demand that the NSW Government has already announced plans to expand Oran Park Primary School. Gregory Hills’ residents can expect a high standard of education from this growing school, with a newly built facility providing a state of the art environment for children to learn.


Now entering their formative years, secondary or high school is a massive move for your child. There is a good chance that high school will make them more independent, in their studies and social lives. Finding the right environment for them to shape into young adults is critical.

St.Gregs College, Gregory Hills

St Gregory’s College is located in Gregory Hills has been delivering a high standard of secondary education for boys since 1926, with many notable alumni graduating over the years. The school has earnt a reputation for academic excellence and sporting achievement, a legacy that is still proving true to this day.

Elizabeth Macarthur High School in Narellan is a co-ed facility offering children a great place to grow into adults. A selective school, Elizabeth Macarthur High School is well-known for helping children achieve excellent academic results from Years 7-12.

Mount Annan High School was established in 2003 and has been providing great educational pathways to students ever since. Carrying the motto “be the best you can be” the school sees children learning in beautifully treed grounds while a recent partnership with the local business community provides mentoring opportunities for budding leaders.


Western Sydney University

By this point, your young ones will have grown into ambitious young adults. While some might seek excitement in a gap year, other Year 12 students might have their eyes set on tertiary education at one of Sydney’s great sandstone universities. This may require them to move out of home (finally) or, if they wish to stay local, you will be pleased to know that Western Sydney University is recognised as one of best and most innovative institutions in the country. WSU ‘s local campus is just ten minutes drive from Gregory Hills, in Campbelltown. Regardless of age, WSU is an excellent place to learn, network and push boundaries. You never know, you might even like to enroll too. 

TAFE NSW also offers a wide range of vocational courses at its Campbelltown Campus.

The educational opportunities in Gregory Hills are truly boundless, with fantastic schools, pre-schools and universities all over the area. We encourage you to look beyond our recommendations and see which school is best suited to your child’s and your family’s needs and means, to ensure they get the best education possible. 

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