Fitness at Cunningham Park: Bringing the community together

Fitness at Cunningham Park: Bringing the community together

Have you ever seen a group of people at a park running around and doing things that look like exercise on your commute to work, or as you head out for breakfast and kids’ sports on a weekend?’

Chances are what you were witnessing was a boot camp, or session led by a personal trainer. Interest in boot camps and outdoor group PT sessions has been on the rise in recent years, and the idea of small groups participating in outdoor workouts is still very much in vogue. As well as the obvious benefits of exercise and fresh air, group fitness sessions are a great way to meet like-minded people in your local community who share common interests. 


Bringing outdoor group fitness classes to Gregory Hills

At Gregory Hills we understand the importance of community and helping our residents connect with those who they share a street, suburb or post code with. As such, we are happy to announce that Macarthur-based Bodywar is bringing its outdoor group personal training sessions to our newly opened Cunningham Park. 

Bodywar was established in 2009 by Tanya Galea with the aim of providing residents in the Macarthur area with new options for getting fit and meeting like-minded people in their community.

With Gregory Hills’ Cunningham Park official opened in early March, we could think of no better location for Tanya and her team to hold their outdoor fitness classes for our residents. We believe being surrounded by open space and brand new sports equipment and facilities will provide all the necessary motivation to attend Bodywar fitness sessions in Gregory Hills.



What’s on offer in Cunningham Park

There are no reasonable age or fitness restrictions for joining Bodywar’s fitness classes in Gregory Hills’ Cunningham Park. Bodywar runs the following classes:

  • Outdoor Fitness: challenging and varied sessions comprising of tabata training, boxing and kickboxing for fitness, strength, agility, and circuit training.
  • Personal Training: Perfect for beginners, seasoned trainers and those who are competitive by nature, these one-on-one sessions will help you get the most out of your workout. 
  • Buddy Sessions: Grab a friend or two and get your own personalised fitness regime in place and encourage each other to train harder.
  • Mums & Bubs:  Work out with other mums in a friendly, welcoming environment. Whether by yourself, or with your little one in tow, this workout specifically targets post-baby areas and focuses on functional fitness. 

Speak to your neighbours and other acquaintances in the Gregory Hills community and organise to attend a Bodywar outdoor fitness class at Cunningham Park. After all, working out is more fun when done with new friends.  

Cunningham Park sits at the northern end of Gregory Hills on Water Gum Road; have a look at our interactive Masterplan now also if you are unsure where to find it. To find out more about Bodywar classes in Gregory Hills, contact Bodywar by calling 02 4648 5511 or by emailing Visit our website to learn more about the Gregory Hills community and why many are choosing to call Gregory Hills home.

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