Gregory Hills gets new bus route

Gregory Hills gets new bus route

A common issue that new residential property developments and their residents  face is accessibility and connectivity with the local public transport network.

Once a new residential community is established and excited new families move in and start calling it home, there can be a lag of many months – or longer – for the local public transport network to catch up. While that process plays out, residents of the community who don’t drive can feel isolated from key services and amenities.

Thankfully, our vibrant community and its members in Gregory Hills have enjoyed access to public bus transport on their doorstep for a number of years, with various bus routes being added or amended to take in the popular new Gregory Hills community at regular intervals.  

It’s no wonder that Gregory Hills has secured a number of new public bus routes for residents in recent years. After all, a recent Australian Bureau of Statistics study found that Gregory Hills, as part of the broader Cobbitty-Leppington statistical area in southwest Sydney, is part of the fastest growing population in NSW [1].


Connecting Gregory Hills to essential public services

The bus routes that run through Gregory Hills connect its residents with essential public services and infrastructure in the area, including Campbelltown Hospital.

Route 840, the latest addition to the suite of public bus routes servicing Gregory Hills, offers residents a direct connection to Campbelltown Train Station. Route 840 operates between Oran Park, central Campbelltown and central Macarthur.

Starting in the vicinity of Oran Park Shopping Centre and heading towards Campbelltown, Route 840 buses run down Oran Park Drive, connecting with Gregory Hills Road. It turns into Gregory Hills Drive on Village Circuit and stops at the existing Village Circuit shopping precinct. It will also stop at Gregory Hills Town Centre, once the facility is operational later this year, before continuing along Kavanagh Street and rejoining Gregory Hills Drive. Continuing down Bagdally Road, Route 840 buses stop at Campbelltown Train Station, Macarthur Square shopping centre, and Campbelltown Hospital.

Heading towards Campbelltown, Route 840 will also stop on Gregory Hills Drive opposite Gregory Hills Hotel, and again on Gregory Hills Drive at the Warburn Street intersection, opposite Thomas Donovan Reserve. A full map and details for Bus Route 840 can be found on the Transport NSW website. 


Efficient and regular bus service for Gregory Hills residents

Hopping on Bus 840 at the Village Circuit shops stop in Gregory Hills, residents will only be a mere 16 minutes away from Campbelltown Train Station; 23 minutes away from Macarthur Square shopping centre; and 28 minutes away from Campbelltown Hospital.


From Monday to Friday Route 840 buses will stop at the Village Circuit shops in Gregory Hills either hourly or half-hourly between 5:52AM and 8:26PM. On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays Route 840 will stop at the Village Circuit shops hourly from 8:22AM to 6:22PM, with the final bus stopping at the Village Circuit stop at 7:56PM. The full timetable for Bus Route 840 is available here.


Talk to us or visit us if you’d like to hear more about what Gregory Hills can offer you and your family. We would love to include you in our story.

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