Gregory Hills Town Centre vision getting closer to reality

Gregory Hills Town Centre vision getting closer to reality

Gregory Hills is excited to announce that the plans and applications for the Gregory Hills Town Centre have been lodged with Camden Council, an exciting milestone as we continue to put together the building blocks of our community.

A major part of the Gregory Hills vision is to deliver a balanced community that meets the needs of its residents.

The town centre of Gregory Hills will give our residents all the benefits of an urban centre. An impressive system of pathways and parks will connect residents to all the necessities they need. Access to local facilities including a large supermarket, speciality shops, cafes and coffee shops as well as community services and facilities are all key to the Gregory Hills vision.
 Gregory Hills Town Centre


Good amenities and services will play a major role in creating the social fabric of the town. At the core of the Gregory Hills town centre will be the shopping centre, featuring a supermarket, a medical centre, fresh food stores as well as more than 20 specialty stores.

The food and restaurant culture that Gregory Hills is gaining a reputation for will be bolstered by a restaurant precinct. A variety of different outlets will cater to every lifestyle, keeping with the modern theme that Gregory Hills is popular for.

Gregory Hills Town Centre Coffe Shops 


Access to the outdoors means you are more likely to live an active and healthy lifestyle. That’s why parks, playgrounds, sports fields and open spaces will continue to be a major feature of the Gregory Hills’ landscape.

  • La Valla Park will be laden with a network of footpaths connecting residents to local facilities and resting
    areas. Featuring restored landscaping throughout, La Valla will be home to some beautiful pieces of public art and sculpture.

  • Howard Park will be an entertainment hub for people of all age groups offering footpaths, sheltered areas, a fenced infant play area, half-court basketball, outdoor table tennis, and more.

  • Sport is major pillar for many communities, and this fact will resonate in the future of Gregory Hills, as we continue work on a sporting mecca for families, teams, students and friends.

Not to forget our furry friends, the off-leash area of Gregory Hills Park will combine with footpaths, seated areas and outdoor exercise facilities.

Gregory Hills Park outdoor exercise facilities

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