Making Connections: How the Urban Edition fits in

Making Connections: How the Urban Edition fits in

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The Urban Edition is a new style of living at Gregory Hills, focused on lifestyle, location, affordability, community and more. Conveniently located just a stone’s throw from the future Town Centre, the Urban Edition boasts all the benefits of living in Gregory Hills – whether you’re chasing a good brew, an afternoon of physical activity or the walkability of an inner-city suburb.

It has been some time since Gregory Hills had a release of land. In 2016, in line with the current property market, we saw a huge demand for home sites in our established community. One of the key drawcards for people wanting to join the Gregory Hills community is the level of amenities, facilities and infrastructure that have already been built, alongside the huge developments to come.

It certainly is an exciting time to be buying, building or living in Gregory Hills!

The real excitement, of course, comes in the form of our upcoming release, The Urban Edition.

The geographic location of the Urban Edition places it in the heart of Gregory Hills, a vibrant social setting for people to meet and build the types of traditions that make a community unique. Sporting clubs, community groups and local events will thrive in this future area of Gregory Hills.

This is because of the incomparable access that the Urban Edition boasts to life’s essentials. Gyms, shops, medical and health facilities, pubs, clubs, restaurants and cafes are all within a convenient distance. On top is the positioning of Gregory Hills within the broader Macarthur Region. 

With the Hume Motorway and Campbelltown Railway Station just minutes away via the brand new Gregory Hills Drive connection, any position in Gregory Hills is an enviable one.

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The livability of a suburb is often determined by its lifestyle capital. Good coffee, great food and a nice neighborhood regularly find their place at the top of the list when deciding on an exact locale to call home. Restaurants, pubs and cafes are something that Gregory Hills has earned a reputation for, with popular new eateries abounding. The Urban Edition will be right in the middle of this growing foodie mecca, giving residents a list of options to choose from – every night of the week!

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All that high living might mean some extra exercise! The Urban Edition will be supported by Gregory Hills’ expansive network of pathways and roadways, connecting everyone to everything they need for a healthy lifestyle.

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