Moving house checklist: 12 tips for moving day success

Moving house checklist: 12 tips for moving day success

Moving house checklist is equal parts exciting and painful. But while moving house offers a new beginning and is thus always exciting, it doesn’t always have to be painful.

Here are some handy tips – in chronological order – to make the move out of your existing home and into your new home smooth, organised and pain-free.

Manage your paperwork: Whether selling/buying or renting, there will always be paperwork to process when moving out of your current home and into your new home. Wherever possible, finalise and submit all paperwork before moving.

Hire a handyman: If you’re not overly handy around the house or simply don’t have the time, consider hiring a handyman for any touch-ups required at your existing house or any alterations you wish to make at your new house prior to moving in.

Spring clean: Moving house checklist presents a great opportunity to review your belongings and consolidate and dispose as needed, particularly if you’ve been in your current house for a five or more years. Consider securing a storage facility if needed.

Collect packing boxes: While paying for empty cardboard boxes may rub some the wrong way, it’s the easiest way to get clean, sturdy boxes for your move. You could also try your local white goods or department store if you’ll settle for free used boxes.

Get your pack on: Packing can be an art form or a chaotic mess, depending on how you approach it. Avoid randomly throwing your belongings in boxes; pack with purpose and strategy, ensuring ready accessibility for your most important items.

Seek outside help if needed: While it is tempting to do everything yourself to reduce the cost of moving, calling in outside help may pay dividends in the sanity department. Whether it’s professional removalists, professional cleaners, pet transport, a landscaper or bulk garbage collection, seeking outside help may be worth considering.

Time your move: There are pros and cons to moving during the week and on a weekend, so consider which will work better overall for your specific situation. In any case, avoid being on the road during peak hour traffic.
Finalise financial obligations: Whether it’s outstanding bills for services such as Foxtel, or strata fees, pay these out – and cancel if needed – prior to vacating your existing home.

Get on top of your utilities: Make sure you are on top of moving your utilities accounts (gas, electricity, water, internet) across to your new home before vacating your old home, as often providers require time to process the move. You don’t want to be chasing up these essential services after you’ve moved into your new home.

Organise insurance: Again, home and contents insurance is not something you want to be chasing up after you’ve moved into your new home. Have it set up and ready to go from the day you move into your new home, and review your policy to ensure it covers accidental damage that may occur during the move.

Shop smart: When approaching a move, don’t make it harder than it needs to be. Shop small in the week prior to moving so you’re not unnecessarily lugging a large amount of groceries and home goods to your new house.

Settle in and meet the neighbours: Once you’ve completed the move into your new home, be sure to introduce yourself to your neighbours and others in your street. Organise a house-warming/welcome party as a means to get to know your new neighbours.

Moving day is easy when you’ve chosen Gregory Hills. Our streets are wide for easy access for removal trucks, you can make a quick dash to Gregory Hills Town Centre for all you moving day needs, and you can even take your kids to one of our many parks, including the super playground in Howard Park, to amuse them while the heavy lifting is happening. Talk to us today to find out what else Gregory Hills can offer you and your family.

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