Road progress moving smoothly

Road progress moving smoothly

Residents will be able to travel on the Gregory Hills Drive extension “well before Christmas”, Dartwest general manager David Taylor has promised.

The road, which will link Gregory Hills to Campbelltown, has been constructed and funded by Gregory Hills developers Dartwest.

Mr Taylor said the opening of the road is fast approaching.

“It’s getting close,” he said.

“Progress is really good at the moment.”

The works are running to schedule and Mr Taylor said there had been no great surprises in the build so far.

He said there were, however, challenges that had been planned for.

“The terrain is very hard and is difficult to build on,” he said.

“And there have been a lot of cables and wires to navigate, which has taken a lot of work and relying on various organisations to achieve – there are a lot of moving parts – but everything has been successful so far.”

Mr Taylor said making sure machines and equipment were out of the way of school students heading to St Gregory’s College had also been a challenge.

Workers are currently ensuring that all students and school staff will be able to access the school while the final stages of road construction – which will eventually include two new school entries – are under way. 

Mr Taylor said the road was about 80 per cent complete with large stretches now sealed over.

“It’s really feeling like a road now and not a dirt track,” he said.

“it will be ready in the next few months.”

The five-kilometre road will be two lanes each way between Gregory Hills and Campbelltown.

Article originally posted by Camden Advertiser 4 July 2017

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