The Benefits of Buying in an Established Community

The Benefits of Buying in an Established Community

When it comes to purchasing land, or house and land packages on an estate, there are many things that need to be considered. One of the biggest considerations is whether to purchase off the plan from a new development or to buy in an established community. 

A New Development

The two biggest advantages to purchasing early from a new development are price and choice. If a new development is selling off the plan, which most will do, you will generally be able to strike a good deal for the land. Also, being one of the first buyers puts you in a great position to have your choice of locations within the available areas. As more homes are built within the estate, the more valuable your land becomes.

However, estates are not built overnight. They can take months, and in some cases years, to build. During that time you will have to handle the disruption of surrounding construction from as early as 7am, plus later finishing times in summer.

Depending on how early you buy and how fast your home is built, there could be many vacant lots and unsurfaced roads. This might see a lot of dust and dirt in the air.

Safety is also something that you will need to consider in the early stages of a development. With all the construction taking place, there will be many vehicles and tools around that can be potential hazards. Plus, if your home is only one of a few, there may not be the safety provided by a neighbourhood of families. 

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Existing Communities

Existing communities are where life is already flourishing. There is a ‘lifestyle’ atmosphere surrounding the parks and recreational facilities.

Shops, schools and transportation are underway and will shortly be within close proximity to residents. This will enable you to settle in to a routine you are comfortable with for everyday life.

Also, when you begin your journey of selecting a home builder, you may find most residents will be willing to discuss who they chose and how they felt the builder was to work with. This can help you choose who to use to build your home based on the best advice there is.

With over one thousand homes already built, Gregory Hills is an established community, however there are still many homesites available for purchase. Close to Campbelltown, Camden and Narellan Town Centre, the newly opened Gregory Hills Drive gives you quick and easy access to the surrounding Macarthur area and M5.

Soon, Gregory Hills will have its very own shopping centre, which will be in the very heart of the estate. The centre will feature a full-line supermarket, approximately twenty shops, restaurant precinct and medical facilities. This will be close to the future primary school and the existing Great Beginning’s child care centre.

If you have any questions regarding Gregory Hills and availabilities, please feel free to contact us on 02 4648 5511, or emails us on

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