The Centre of it all!

The Centre of it all!

The Gregory Hills journey has been a long and exciting one, and with each passing day Dart West’s vision of a thriving community built around efficiency and convenience is getting closer to becoming a reality. Even before the first residents moved in, Gregory Hills has always been focused on delivering a community that has everything within easy reach of our residents.

One of the most anticipated projects of the Gregory Hills development, the Gregory Hills Town Centre, is now underway, and the vision of a flourishing community with every amenity nearby, is getting closer all the time.

What does this mean for existing and potential residents of Gregory Hills? Firstly, it means life will get just that bit easier. The Gregory Hills Town Centre Facebook page is alive with comments celebrating the promised ‘Woolies’, a cheer for the added convenience of having Woolworths, a major supermarket, just down the road.  Last minute ingredients for dinner, a much-needed bottle of wine after a long day, or pet food for the beloved pooch or kitty, will soon be mere moments away.

The Gregory Hills Town Centre’s aim is to become the social hub for surrounding residents. Equipped with a medical centre, approximately 20 specialty stores and a dining precinct, stage one of the Town Centre will quickly become a bustling hive of activity.

How nice will it be to step out of the house for an impromptu coffee with a friend or family member, and not have to use the car, but simply stroll down the road? Great, right?

Or picture this:  you’ve just finished work late and haven’t planned anything for dinner. Usually in this situation you need to go out of your way to find the nearest supermarket, and the one you go to is in the opposite direction to home. With the completion of the Gregory Hills Town Centre, everything you need will be on your way home, giving you more time to spend at home with your family, actually enjoying dinner.

Perhaps you might want to have something prepared for you, especially when your family is hungry or you want to enjoy the experience of eating out? The dining precinct will be the ideal place to take your family for a meal, or catch-up with friends for a night out, allowing you to leave your car at home and have an enjoyable, and worry-free time.

A crucial element to a truly inclusive town centre is a medical centre. Ideal for those who cannot travel far for medical check-ups and perfect for growing families for those times where little ones are sick, or even when you need to see the doctor before heading in to work; having a medical centre mere moments down the road will give all residents peace-of-mind.

The complex will also house a fantastic and diverse selection of shops and essentials across the 7,500 square metres of retail space.

With the first stages of construction now underway, Dart West Retail will open the centre in the first half of 2019.


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