The World Outside: Making the Most of Gregory Hills in Spring

The World Outside: Making the Most of Gregory Hills in Spring

Spring is a favourite time of year for many. As the day time hours get longer and warmer, Gregory Hills residents begin to take advantage of the endless activities and adventures that the surrounding area has to offer. That's why we have put together a list of the top activities to fill your weekends with in and around Gregory Hills this Spring!

1. Get outside!

We thought we would get the obvious one out of the way first!

There are few joys greater than spending time in the sunshine, something the South West of Sydney gets plenty of in the warmer months marked by Spring and Summer. From air conditioned homes to the car, the office, or school, it can be far too easy to forget the calm and relaxing effect of the outdoors while winter keeps us shivering.

So, do what you'd normally do, but do it outside. Drape a blanket over the grass and read, play, or study in one of Gregory Hills' many parks and playgrounds.

Pathways in Gregory Hills

Pathways are abundant in Gregory Hills and make for the ideal Spring stroll.

2. Go for a bike ride.

John F. Kennedy once said “nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride” and we think he was onto something.

Gregory Hills has an extended network of pathways and bikeways that will soon intertwine with parks and sports fields. Leave the car in the driveway, put on a comfy pair of shoes, and jump on your bike to grab a coffee or the paper on your Saturday morning.

The elevated locale of Gregory Hills offers cyclists beautiful views that stretch all the way to the majestic Blue Mountains, so remember to pedal slowly!

Getting to where you need to be via bicycle is always possible with Gregory Hills' intertwined cycleways and pathways.

Getting to where you need to be via bicycle is always possible with Gregory Hills' intertwined cycleways and pathways.

3. Have a picnic or barbecue.

Eat your meals outside or, even better, pack a picnic or have a BBQ in one of the many parks in Gregory Hills. Currawong Park on the corner of Whistler Street and Kookaburra Drive is the perfect spot to take a platter of steak and sausages for the family and grill up a storm. Whether you're looking to serve up a couple of killer steak sangas with friends or enjoy a quieter (than usual) lunch while the kids play, it's as easy as packing a bag and walking on over!

Gregory Hills barbecue destination

The parks of Gregory Hills make for the perfect barbecue destination.

4. Grab a beer at the Gregory Hills Hotel.

Meet friends in the outdoor beer garden of the Gregory Hills Hotel while enjoying a wood-fired pizza or a pub classic. Take advantage of the newly built facility's mixed-use space with a couple of cold ones with friends and watch the game up on the big screen!

Just remember to leave the car at home and enjoy your afternoon in a responsible manner (i.e. order a pork knuckle).

Gregory Hills Hotel

The spacious grounds of the Gregory Hills Hotel have been a hit with the community.

5. Spring into…Spring!

Just in case the weather isn't doing as it's supposed to in spring (rain, rain, go away), we have thrown in an indoor activity for the young ones! Almost every weekend and school holiday the carpark and surrounding spaces of trampoline park Jump Zone Revolution in Gregory Hills are filled with cars! What better way to forget about the ups and downs of a busy week than on a trampoline?

The 1600m2 facility is filled with world class trampolines and boasts four massive jumping areas plus an enormous foam pit (remember to let the kids have a go after you). Jump on their website for opening hours!

6. Get back in the garden.

Spring is the time of year most commonly associated with the flourish of nature. The blooming flowers and bright greenery of springtime in Australia is something of pure beauty so why not get started with your own little oasis?

Spring is the perfect time to get that veggie patch sorted or to fix up the front yard with some beautiful natives for summer. It's also a good time to plant all the salad favourites like beans, broccoli, cucumber, eggplant, sweet potato, tomato, and zucchini. There is nothing quite like harvesting your own garden vegetables for a meal.

gardening has positive effects on your mental and physical well-being.

It's said that gardening has positive effects on your mental and physical well-being.

7. Work out.

Gregory Hills have a range of exercise and fitness areas to keep your summer body on track. Talk to your personal trainer or look into different exercise regimes and programs that take advantage of the outdoors. Think chin ups, push-ups, sprints, and jogging to keep your healthy lifestyle on track.

You could consider getting a couple of friends together for a mini fitness challenge before summer to help keep the motivation alive and strong into the hottest part of the year!

Exercise and fitness in Gregory Hills Parks

Take advantage of Gregory Hills' abundance of exercise and fitness areas before summer!

8. Watch the sunset.

The natural amphitheatre of south-west Sydney provides one of the most picturesque and vivid sunsets in NSW. The gorgeous hues of orange, blue, and pink that characterise a Gregory Hills dusk are a natural spectacle that can't quite be beaten.

A late afternoon stroll or a nice comfy spot on your back deck or patio will have you smiling to yourself about just how lucky you are!

The crisp mornings, the warmer afternoons, and the infectious smiles that nice weather brings…there really is so much to love about springtime in Gregory Hills! We'd love to hear your ideas for spring time activities in Gregory Hills so be sure to leave them in the comments for other residents.

There really is so much to love about Spring in Gregory Hills!

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