Why Gregory Hills is a great place for kids

Why Gregory Hills is a great place for kids

When Gregory Hills was launched 10 years ago, one of the key priorities was to create a community for families to live alongside each other. As such, Gregory Hills features plenty of facilities for children and their parents to enjoy.

But we know it’s not always easy being a parent and it can be challenging to find great activities to develop your children physically and mentally. So, here are some great ideas to keep your offspring occupied in Gregory Hills.

Gregory Hills Parks

Did you know there are 10 parks and play areas in Gregory Hills? These range from a variety of beautiful local parks and playgrounds to multi-purpose sports fields and facilities. The parks feature established trees for shady areas to relax and play and a great range of play equipment for all ages. Connected walking and bike trails cover the whole of Gregory Hills.


Plenty of play equipment

Children really benefit both physically and mentally from outdoor play. They get to learn how to solve problems, develop physically and socialise with other kids. Howard Park in Gregory Hill is the centrepiece of our parklands. Its many attractions include: 

  • A fenced-off area for toddlers to play safely in that includes a sandpit, a slide, and a log garden.
  • An assortment of play equipment suitable for school age children, including slides, tunnels, swings of all shapes and sizes, a huge climbing net, rock climbing, and more slides.
  • A multi-use hard court sports facility for older kids catering for basketball, soccer, table tennis, and roller sports.

The surface of the play area and surrounds is landscaped with synthetic turf, natural gardens, and protective foam matting that absorbs the force of possible tumbles.

As well as Howard Park, children’s playgrounds can also be found throughout Gregory Hills’ many other parks. Thomas Donovan Park and Currawong Park feature climbing frames, swings, double slides, and, of course, plenty of seating for parents in well considered positions in full view of the playing areas. Marcellin Park is a toddler’s paradise and features a mini fire truck to encourage play. 


There’s even a skate park 

Located within Howard Park, the skate park offers a great community facility for kids to use their skateboards, rollerblades, scooters and bicycles. It accommodates different levels of skill and enables kids to learn and socialise with their peers.


A network of bike paths

Part of the park network in Gregory Hills is dedicated bike paths that weave their way throughout the community over many kilometres. Residents can actually cycle from the suburb’s most southerly corner to its most northerly corner – and then back again via a different route – with only ever leaving parkland to cross a few roads.

Or you can keep smaller children wholly within individual parks when they are just learning to ride, or even for kids who’ve mastered riding on two wheels. Bike riding is a great family activity for parents and kids to enjoy together in a safe environment.


Get the kids to walk the family dog

The network of paths and parks also makes it a great place to walk the family dog and children love to participate in this ritual. Children truly benefit from interacting with pets by learning to care for an animal and understanding the responsibility of pet ownership. Gregory Hills also has a dedicated dog park within Champagnat Park, but all of the parks and paths throughout our community are great for walking a dog on a leash.


Organise a play date

Because there are lots of families living in Gregory Hills, it’s also a great place to organise a play date with other local parents with young children. And it’s also a great way to get to know the families in your neighbourhood.


Visit Gregory Hills Town Centre for a reward

And after all that outdoor activity, take the kids to Gregory Hills Town Centre for a treat at the local cafe or eateries. No tuckered-out child will turn down a visit to a cafe for a milkshake or babycino.

Are you considering joining the thriving Gregory Hills community? Contact us on 02 4648 5511 or fill out our online contact form to find out more about Gregory Hills. View our Master Plan now to get the full picture of Gregory Hills.

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