Step 1.

Pick a House & Land Package

A. Visit our Land for Sale page

Locate a land release that is for sale on our Land for Sale page via the interactive Gregory Hills masterplan.

B. Browse Interactive Map

When you have loaded the interactive stage plan of the land release you have selected from the masterplan, choose a House & Land Package that meets your needs by either browsing the map or filtering the map via the ‘Zoom to’ menu in the bottom-left corner of the interactive map.

Step 2.

Contact the Builder

A. Select a House & Land Package that suits you

When you have found a House & Land Package you like, click on it to show an information box. This information box contians further details on the House & Land Package.

B. Contact Builder via Online Form

Within this information box, complete the form to submit your details to the builders that own the House & Land Package.

You're done!

This is as far as we can take you with the purchase process for a House & Land Package. Once you have submitted the builder contact form, you can either wait until the builder contacts you direct or you can follow up your enquiry directly by phoning them .

What’s Next...

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