Meet Everyone

One of the greatest benefits of moving to Gregory Hills is joining an established community. That doesn’t just mean roads are built and there is a display village, rather Gregory Hills has thousands of residents who have called our town home for years.

Buying and building in Gregory Hills will make you a part of this community from day one, before you’ve even moved into your new home – you’ll already know familiar faces, the best spots to eat, your favourite park and which sports team you’re going to join. 

Come say Hey

It's a new tradition

Nadia & Nancy

Nadia and Nancy both joined Gregory Hills because they wanted a place to build a home they could be proud of. Moving from a busier area meant they bumped into each other and have been making new traditions ever since.

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Where People Meet

Cal & Bec

Cal and Bec are a young couple and new residents to Gregory Hills. While they have only recently purchased in Gregory Hills, the couple's history with the community is wrapped up in a legacy of love.

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All Roads Go To Gregory Hills

The Millers

When Matt's company decided to relocate from the inner city to South West Sydney, the commute became unbearable for him and his family. But when he discovered Gregory Hills, he saw an opportunity that was too good to pass up.

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