Are there any parks in Gregory Hills

Yes, there will be 10 different parks located though out Gregory Hills along with shared walkway and bicycle ways that connect to the parks and sports field.

Do you have recycled water in Gregory Hills or do I need a water tank?

Gregory Hills does not have recycled water. Your builder will be required to install a rainwater tank to comply with BASIX.

Is there a shopping centre in Gregory Hills?

Gregory Hills will have its very own shopping centre. Stage 1 of the centre will be open in 2019 and will be home to Woolworths, a medical centre and a vaste range of restaurants and speciality stores.

Does Gregory Hills have NBN to the homes?

Gregory Hills has its very own fibre network provided by Opticomm. There is no waiting for the NBN. You will have access to fast internet speeds along with free to air T.V and access to pay T.V such as Foxtel. Your phone line also operates over the fibre, and you have a choice of phone companies and internet service providers.

About Land for Sale

Can I choose my own builder?

Once you have purchased your block at Gregory Hills, you can have the freedom to choose your own builder.

Do you have developer design guidelines?

Here at Gregory Hills buyers are required to comply with the Turner Road Development Control Plan. There are no additional developer guidelines.

Are there any Strata or Community Levies?

No, Gregory Hills is a Torrens Titled Estate meaning no levies to be paid you only pay the normal Camden Council rates.

Are the blocks at Gregory Hills flat?

Yes. Dart West Developments constructs retaining walls on lots that have a fall greater than 3%. Therefore, all lots are generally fairly flat and this ensures your site costs are kept to a minimum.


Do buses operate in Gregory Hills?

Yes there are two different bus companies operating in Gregory Hills. Busways and Interline Bus Services. Buses go to Minto, Campbelltown, Leppington, Oran Park and Narellan

Will Gregory Hills Drive connect to Campbelltown Station?

Yes, Gregory Hills Drive now connects you to Badgally Road in Campbelltown which also connects you to Campbelltown Railway Station. You also have convenient access the M5 via Eagle Vale Drive from Raby Road.