The information contained in this masterplan reflects the knowledge of Dart West Developments at the time of publication. Information is updated on a regular basis as part of efforts to provide current information for our customers. All efforts are made to ensure the accuracy of that information, however Dart West Development accepts no responsibility for inadvertent errors or incomplete information. Customers are advised to contact the Land Sales and Information Centre on 02 4648 5511 to confirm any information contained on this masterplan.

When Gregory Hills was first planned in 2007, the NSW Department of Education requested that a primary school site be planned as part of Gregory Hills. That site is shown on this masterplan, and reflects the location agreed by the Department. In December 2016, the Department of Education confirmed that a review of school sites in South West Sydney is underway, and that the Gregory Hills primary school site is part of that review. Dart West Developments has not been informed as to when or whether the school will be provided by the Department, and as a result continues to show the proposed site on the Gregory Hills masterplan because it is consistent with the NSW Government’s Development Control Plan for Gregory Hills. Purchasers of land at Gregory Hills should be aware that Dart West Developments has no control over when or whether the school will be provided.