In the media: Gregory Hills Drive Extension Update

In the media: Gregory Hills Drive Extension Update

The Gregory Hills Drive extension, which will link Gregory Hills to Campbelltown, is running completely to schedule.

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The road project is funded and managed by Gregory Hills developers Dartwest and general manager David Taylor said everything had been running smoothly.

“It’s going very well,” he said.

“Most of the western end is close to completion and we’ve still got the eastern end to do.

“There are still many months to go but it’s all been going ahead without delays.”

The five-kilometre, dual-carriageway road, which will retain the name Gregory Hills Drive, is being constructed under a $45 million voluntary planning agreement between the developers and the NSW Department of Planning.

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In addition to two lanes each way, the road will include two new entries to St Gregory’s College.

Mr Taylor said it is still on track to be completed before the end of the year.

“The progress made in the last few weeks alone has been substantial,” he said.

“We’ve still got to consider weather conditions before its over, but everything has been going well so far.”

Mr Taylor said dozens of people were working each day to ensure the road was finished as quickly as possible.

He said there had been challenges along the way.

“There are three main gas pipelines running from Melbourne to Sydney and we’re building right above one of them,” he said.

“That was a big job to ensure that we could safely build around them and not disrupt the pipelines.

“That’s not just household gas, that’s industrial as well, so we didn’t want anything to go wrong.”

Mr Taylor said the very steep terrain of the road’s location was also a challenge, though it had its benefits as well.

“We’re going to have great view right across Sydney,” he said.

“At some points you should be able to see the Harbour Bridge and Sydney Tower.

“You can also see the Scenic Hills, which is a part of Macarthur that you don’t traditionally get to see every day.

“it will certainly be a nice drive, in addition to cutting down travel time.”

This article was written by Jessica Layt and originally appeared in the Camden Advertiser on February 2, 2017.



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