Little Backyard, Big Living

Little Backyard, Big Living

In Australia, there was a time where every house was situated on a quarter acre block (over 1,000m2); had a Hills Hoist for the washing; a sprinkler for hot summer days and Victa mower to tame the wild grass of the suburban backyard.

However, over time things have changed, as have people’s needs and priorities. Today’s life is of a faster pace than that of yesteryear. People are spending more time at work and less time at home, which transitions to the weekend being days of rest and relaxation, not house or yard work.

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Couple that with the housing supply shortage that has plagued the nation and the days of a sprawling plot of land with modern amenities in walking distance are as much a burden as a blessing.  

The changes in lifestyle and economy have brought with them a change in living styles. Houses, especially newer homes, are being built on smaller blocks of land and have smaller scale outdoor areas or courtyards.

While most may dream of the big backyard where the kids can run and play, hold large gatherings or have a game of backyard cricket, there are more functional reasons behind having a smaller backyard.

Maintenance & Landscaping

Creating beautiful outdoor areas is much more achievable when the space is of a more intimate size. Retained gardens, paved entertaining areas and beautiful barbecuing set ups can flow from one in to the other.

Maintaining a garden or smaller backyard is also a much less intensive task. The odd spot of weeding or whipper snipping beats a torturous grass cutting pilgrimage every 2 weeks any day. Less lawn means less equipment, that also means less storage of clunky stuff. With a smaller yard it will be easier to manage and take you less time to complete, meaning you can have beautiful looking yard in less time.

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Having a smaller area to entertain means your guests will be able to interact with each other far better than in a larger space. The cosy confines of a smaller yard or courtyard, means your guests will mingle with each other, encouraging conversations and interactions that may otherwise have not occurred. Plus, it also means far less hassle when cleaning up.


Although not directly related to the property, the neighbourhood you buy in may also determine if having a small backyard or courtyard is something you would prefer. For those with children a bigger backyard is appealing, but nearby parks and sports fields are a much more social and communal compromise. Playgrounds and grassy areas where families gather to let their kids play are great for making friends and getting to know your neighbours.

It’s always a great idea to consider what having a backyard means to you, and whether you have the time or inclination to spend a decent amount of time maintaining it. Or whether you prefer to enjoy the great outdoors without spending precious weekends tending to it.

This is one of the key selling points for homes available through the Urban Edition. Exceptional access to the lifestyle capital of restaurants, cafes and shops is balanced by the many fantastic park and playground areas that will be a stone’s throw from resident doorsteps. A little backyard, means a whole lot of living!


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