‘Liveability’ abounds at Gregory Hills

‘Liveability’ abounds at Gregory Hills

There are plenty of reasons why we love the places we live. Whether it’s being close to friends and family, work, beautiful views or lifestyle capital like restaurants and cafes, the features and benefits of our home suburbs can often be pin-pointed to several geographical, social, cultural or infrastructural arenas. 

In 2016, Domain published the Sydney Liveable Report looking at key indicators and how they relate to the desire to live there. You might think it’s easy to determine the desirability to live in a place by the price tag of a house there, however there are many aspects that can affect a resident’s quality of life.

At Gregory Hills, we are confident that we are creating a great place to live in one of Sydney’s fastest growing areas. So we have compiled a list of our key indicators to liveability.

1. Culture

The town centre and surrounding areas of Gregory Hills will be a hub of activity. A community Centre will be built in 2017 and handed to Council and will act as the cultural hub of the community. A public art strategy is also being implemented.  

2. Education

Gregory Hills is perfectly positioned with access to all levels of education including preschool, primary, secondary and tertiary institutions in close proximity. 

3. Shopping

If there is one thing the area isn’t short on, it’s retail outlets! From the newly extended Narellan Town Centre to The Home Centre Gregory Hills, the shopping in and around Gregory Hills is world-class. 

4. Open Space

Gregory Hills has been designed with open spaces in mind. The many local parks give plenty of room for activities and the beautiful Scenic Hills are right next door to Gregory Hills.

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5. Tree Cover

Maintaining the natural and native flora has been a key objective of Gregory Hills. The large gum trees that cover the playgrounds and parks are a testament to this. 

6. Topographic Variation

They don’t call it Gregory Hills for nothing! The gently rolling hills of our suburb give it a topographic advantage over neighbouring suburbs, something that many new residents are thankful for.

7. Cafes and Restaurants

Gregory Hills is quickly earning a reputation as the new food and drink destination. Boasting our own state-of-the-art pub plus new cafes and a boutique butcher, Gregory Hills has lifestyle on tap!

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8. Crime

The streets of Gregory Hills are quiet and there have been barely any incidents in the many years that residents have been living here. Something to be proud of!

9. Telecommunications

Gregory Hills has its very own fibre network provided by Opticomm. There is no waiting for the NBN!  Residents have access to fast internet speeds along with free to air T.V and access to pay T.V. Mobile phone coverage is also strong, with multiple towers all over the area. 


Some of the most beautiful views available in the South-West are from aspects located in Gregory Hills. Whether it is the gorgeous pink and blue hues that characterize our sunsets or the distant beauty of the Blue Mountains, there is always something to look at. 

It’s true, the reasons why we decide to live where we live are numerous and diverse, however we often find that our neighbours love the place we call home for the same reasons we do. Chances are yours, theirs and ours are amongst the ten listed above, that said, we’d love to hear why you think Gregory Hills is a great place to live.

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