Nadia & Nancy

Nadia & Nancy
Nadia & Nancy

Nadia & Nancy have been living at Gregory Hills for a few years and through activities within the local community, have found they share a common interest in all-things baking related.

Meeting Nancy was like meeting a kindred spirit. We had seen each other around Gregory Hills a few times, at the parks and BBQ areas, and then one day we just started talking.

Like most conversations, you start off with the mundane questions, like what you do for a living, but then she mentioned her love for #NailedIt, a baking show on Netflix where amateur bakers attempt expert level creations, and mostly fail. I absolutely love this show and knew we’d be great friends.

Soon, we were catching up to discuss the latest episode and what we would’ve done to make the cakes better. Then we were messaging each other during the show, having our own little Gogglebox-style commentary on what was happening.

While we were having fun watching what the contestants were doing, we thought it would be more fun actually baking. That’s when we decided to start our bi-monthly tradition of Nailed-It Night.

Twice a month we alternate between our homes and bake up a storm. We will either try to replicate one of the cakes from the show, or something we find on Instagram or Pinterest.

Our fortnightly tradition has been going on since around March this year and it’s not just our cake decorating equipment collection that’s growing - our friendship has too.

Living in a place like Gregory Hills where there’s an established community and facilities has been fantastic for me. Everyone is so welcoming and becoming friends with Nancy has been one of the biggest positives of my move here.

Nadia’s story is just one of many at Gregory Hills. For further information regarding availabilities, feel free to contact us on below or pop in for a chat.

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