Summer Fun in Gregory Hills

Summer Fun in Gregory Hills

One of the best parts of summer is the chance to spend more time outdoors because the temperatures are warmer and there’s more evening light. And when you live in a great community like Gregory Hills you simply have no excuse for not enjoying some summer fun. Here are our top tips for you and your family to enjoy summer to the fullest in Gregory Hills. 

Visit a park

Did you know that Gregory Hills has a diverse and enticing collection of 10 parks and play areas, ranging from beautiful local parks and playgrounds through to sports fields? Our parks feature many established trees for shady areas to avoid the summer heat and are just what you need to relax or get active, with something for all ages.

Enjoy the play equipment

Children really benefit both physically and mentally from outdoor play. Playing outdoors helps children learn how to solve problems, develop physically, and socialise with other kids. Howard Park is the centrepiece of Gregory Hills’ parklands and there are also children’s playgrounds to be found throughout Gregory Hills’ many other parks.

Go for a bike ride

Bike riding is a great family activity for parents and kids to enjoy together in a safe environment. Connected walking and bike trails cover the whole of Gregory Hills and dedicated bike paths weave their way throughout the community over many kilometres. Residents can actually cycle from the suburb’s most southerly corner to its most northerly corner – and then back again via a different route – with only ever leaving parkland to cross a few roads. 

Fly a kite

Besides being utter fun, kite flying can help you to enhance your overall well-being. Kite flying in an open environment like Gregory Hills’ parklands can bring you closer to nature and can be enjoyed alone or in a group. Plus, you’ll meet new people in the park and keep your kids occupied for hours in the great outdoors.

Take a nature walk

Explore the natural aspects of the great parklands of Gregory Hills. Why not encourage your children to identify different types of trees, shrubs, and birdlife, so they get some fresh air and learn at the same time?

Make ice cream

Visit Gregory Hills Town Centre and buy all the ingredients you need to make your own ice cream to help beat the summer heat. Get your children involved in making their favourite flavour and they will surely appreciate the opportunity to devour it once it’s ready.

Get your hands dirty in the garden

Spend time in your garden on maintenance and planting new growth. The time you spend outdoors will benefit your health and you’ll be able to enjoy the beauty of nature at work. Plus, you’ll have the added bonus of enhancing your property and its potential value. Kids love watching plants grow, so get them involved too.

Shop local

Instead of piling in the car and heading to a large shopping centre, walk to Gregory Hills Town Centre and shop local. You might surprise yourself at what’s available right on your doorstep. The centre is much more than just a big Woollies supermarket and BWS liquor outlet. Convenient local services are keen to gain local customers. Hair, nail and beauty services are on hand, as well as massage, real estate, phone shop, bakery and gift store in one convenient location. Catch up with family and friends over a coffee or meal in the cafes and restaurants on offer.

Enjoy the benefits of socialising

Humans are basically designed to be social beings. Our continued survival and sustenance largely depends on our relationships and interactions with other people. Socialising is about sharing your time, feelings and experience with others and taking time off work, both paid and unpaid, to undertake some pleasurable activities. Summer is a great season for outdoor entertaining and dining. Invite a few friends to your place or meet them for an alfresco meal or snack at Gregory Hills Town Centre. It’s a great way to meet your neighbours; it can be casual and relaxed – why not share a picnic or BBQ in one of the many parks right on your doorstep?

Walk the dog…to the Dog Park

Dogs enjoy summer too because their human companions are more motivated to spend time outside with them. Dog owners enjoy numerous health and social benefits by walking their dog a few times a week.

Benefits include improved cardiovascular fitness, lower blood pressure, stronger muscles and bones (built up by walking regularly), and decreased stress. A regular walk is vitally important for your pet's health too. Why not take them down to our off-leash Dog Park within Champagnat Park and let them tear around ‘til their heart’s content?

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