The Smartest Home on the Block

The Smartest Home on the Block

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a rather broad topic to even start a conversation about, let alone put in the context of the family home. Connecting cars to phones, phones to watches, watches to computers and computers to clouds are all familiar examples of how the IoT can work in unison. The convenience, efficiency, and ease that these products promise our lives mean that more and more we rely on devices and electronics to get through our day.

One of the places where the omni-connectedness of our belongings is beginning to become truly fluent is the family home. Smart TVs, robot assistants, lighting systems and multi-room wireless sound systems are all becoming common and desirable features of today’s homes. This is especially true in newly built homes, where builders can take advantage of new technological infrastructure such as the high-speed broadband Opticomm network.

Sydney’s most progressive builders now offer fantastic integrations to home owners. Just imagine, the unparalleled enjoyment of being able to sit on the couch and control your entire entertainment system from a throne of cushions. Services like Netflix, Stan and iTunes let us watch the latest films in high definition for prices that the poor old video stores of yesteryear have no chance of competing with. To set the mood, lightbulbs that can change colour, dim and brighten at the swipe of a finger can be installed with a bit of budget and a step ladder.

The unbridled access we have to information like recipes, how-to’s and did you know’s means the modern family is better equipped to cook, clean, fix, tinker and create than ever before. Virtual Assistants like Google Home, Amazon Echo and Apple Siri await our queries with voice prompts, leaving our hands free to and relax and enjoy.

All these luxuries aren’t confined to comfort and convenience. The security and safety that smart home systems can bring to your little abode now reflect something out of mission impossible. Sensor cameras and smart locks are more accessible than ever, forcing the peeping tom into retirement along with the redundant problem of a lost house key.

Indeed, the constant evolution of new technologies make it an exciting time to be building or buying a home at Gregory Hills. But, of course not all the benefits of a new home are exclusive to the interior of it’s walls.

Having ample outdoor space to get out and enjoy the fresh air is just as, if not more, important. The Urban Edition at Gregory Hills has two new parks that will be within minutes of your front door. So, once you’ve finished the latest season on Netflix, you can head out and enjoy all four seasons of nature.

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