The Western Sydney Airport Announcement

The Western Sydney Airport Announcement

On Monday, December 11, the Federal and State Governments announced their plan for the Badgerys Creek Airport, formally known as the Western Sydney Airport. The 146-page plan looks at how the government will prepare Sydney’s second airport and what it means for NSW.

But what will the airport mean for the residents of Gregory Hills?

Western Sydney Airport Explained - 12 December 2016

How Gregory Hills Residents Will Benefit

A major transport hub like an airport will bring more jobs to Western Sydney as well as connect the businesses in the area with their national and international counterparts. As the use of the new airport increases, so too will economic growth in Greater Western Sydney.

This means Gregory Hills residents will have more opportunities for work, closer to home.

The investment in the area surrounding the airport will also mean greater transport links for Gregory Hills residents, reducing the amount of time we spend commuting. A $3.6 billion investment in new roads, rail and public transport options will mean you and your family spend less time traveling.

One of the concerns many people have around an airport is the noise. This will not be a concern to residents of Gregory Hills, as we are perfectly situated some 20kms from the actual physical infrastructure. This places all residents of Gregory Hills well out of the way of any noise from planes overhead.

Why We Need A New Airport & How Many People Will Use It

Air travel to the city of Sydney is expected to increase to 87 million people per year over the next two decades. The capabilities of Sydney’s only airport working at capacity saw 39 million travelers in 2015. If the city of Sydney and state of NSW were not to expand to another airport, there is potential for the economy to lose out on around $34 billion by 2060.

Once operational, the airport will see approximately 5 million passengers using the airport annually. That figure is predicted to increase to 10 million within 10 years. The new Badgery’s Creek Airport will be twice the land size of Sydney’s existing airport allowing for greater investment in supporting infrastructure and expansion. The demand for air travel in 2050 will see a new runway built to accommodate for an anticipated 37 million passengers as Sydney continues to grow as the Australian gateway for business and travel.

Ultimately, the Australian government’s investment in the Badgerys Creek Airport will be an enormous opportunity for the Greater Western Sydney area.

Not to mention the bonus of access to the world’s best holiday destinations just up the road!

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