Top tips for downsizing in Gregory Hills

Top tips for downsizing in Gregory Hills

More than half of Australians over the age of 55 are open to downsizing. Downsizing is a popular choice for middle-aged Australian home owners because it enables them to transition into a home that best matches the lifestyle they currently desire.

While downsizing isn’t as daunting as buying your first home, there are steps to follow that will help smooth the process, including choosing the right land, home, and community.

How to downsize your home

Follow these steps to successfully downsize and avoid the common pain points.


Thorough planning

Once you’ve committed to downsizing, start planning immediately. Emotions may be high and conflict may rear its ugly head, so plan early, plan together, discuss the objectives, and agree on intentions from the start.


Get decluttering

Decluttering is not a quick exercise, so be sure to give it due time. The experts recommend starting three months before moving day, and organising items into ‘sell’, ‘keep’, ‘donate’, and ‘dispose’ categories. Seek objective options from those close to you.


Go digital

For the sake of physical space-saving, digitise everything that can be digitised. Important physical documents can be scanned and stored on an external hard drive or on a cloud storage service.


Research the latest in smart storage

Investigate modern smart home storage ideas. In your new home, those walls are valuable real estate. Create vertical storage space when you run out of horizontal space.


Choose your lifestyle

Determining the lifestyle you want will help you decide where you downsize to. Focus on what’s most important at this point in your life and consider the location and the community.


Carefully consider the community

Carefully consider where you downsize to. Does the community offer convenient and easy living? Do you see yourself content in staying there for many years to come?

Why downsizers are choosing Gregory Hills

Gregory Hills has become a popular choice for downsizers in South West Sydney because it offers everything downsizers need right in their own community. And because Gregory Hills is a modern yet mature new development, all community facilities are now readily available for use.

Here are four key lifestyle benefits that you will enjoy when you downsize in Gregory Hills.


The great outdoors

Gregory Hills has been uniquely designed around inviting, functional, well-maintained, and beautiful outdoor spaces. Whether for recreation or relaxation, you’ll find your fix of well-considered outdoor spaces amongst Gregory Hills’ seven varied parks. From sports fields and health and fitness equipment to an off-leash dog park and leisurely walking paths, you’ll find plenty of reasons to get outdoors when you downsize in Gregory Hills.


Gregory Hills Town Centre

Gregory Hills Town Centre, the centrepiece of our community, offers a carefully selected mix of retail and dining options that provide convenient access regardless of where you choose to build your downsized home in Gregory Hills. From a full service Woolworths supermarket to a medical centre to specialty retailers, beauty salons and a range of café and dining options, you’ll find it all at our Town Centre.


A grandkids’ paradise

Your grandkids will absolutely love visits to your new home in Gregory Hills. There are many reasons why Gregory Hills is a great place for kids, but the key attraction for your grandkids (besides quality time with Grandma and Grandpa, of course) is Howard Park, a super playground that has something fun-filled for grandkids of all ages.


Convenience in spades

Gregory Hills provides quick and easy access to everything you need that isn’t found within our community. From major shopping centres (Macarthur Square, Narellan Town Centre, Campbelltown Mall) to a train station, a major hospital, and access to major roads (Hume Highway, M5, M7), you’ll find it all on our doorstep.


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